777 The Mark of the Best Cat Food
777 The Mark of the Best Cat Food

777The Mark of the Best Dog Food

Are you looking for a great dog food, but did you know the label tells just a small part of the story? There are different grades for many of the ingredients and a wide variety of quality when adding supplementation. Plus, does the manufacturer have a history of recalls? Has the food been sitting on a dock exposed to sunlight and the product becoming compromised?

When you trust me in purchasing a bag of 777™ I know you are trusting me with the life of your dog. The food is made by Crosswind Industries (no recalls) and I am very particular about the vendors I allow to carry the food.

You won't find it in the "big box" stores, but you will find it in the dishes for my dogs. They were my first consideration when going through the process of formulating with a premiere nutritionist. No stockholders or partners here looming over me and wanting to know what their profit is going to be.

Why pay for fancy packaging, commercials, trade shows, stunning graphics or buy two get one free offers? That ultimately comes out of your pocket!

With 777™ you will find affordable pricing for an amazing product and a company president who works from the spare bedroom of her home. That would be me, Evy Serpa, always happy to take your call or answer your emails personally.